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Curriculum Overviews

At Hillside, we believe that a curriculum fit for the 21st century must be broad, varied and enriched with exciting experiences that fire children’s imaginations and give them the confidence to face new challenges and solve problems. Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do and underpin our teaching and learning. We know that children learn best when they are offered engaging and immersive opportunities and this is fostered through our approach. We believe that learning should be exciting, interactive and focused on children’s own personal needs.

Through careful planning, teachers ensure that topics are bespoke, tailored to pupils’ needs and interests, relevant to modern day events and our community. Learning is enhanced by trips, visitors and curriculum days, whereby children are able to immerse themselves in the lives of those they are studying. We recognise the importance of building upon key skills as children move up the school and the role that oracy and a love of books plays throughout each subject.

With each unit, we aim to pass on knowledge outlined in the National Curriculum, as well as the skills required to face our rapidly changing world. We want children to enjoy the challenge and adventure of learning, to follow their own curiosities and to make a positive contribution to the local and wider community.

Below are the year group overviews to show what each year group will be covering across the year from Year 1-6.

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  • Year 1 Overview
  • Year 2 Overview
  • Year 3 Overview
  • Year 4 Overview
  • Year 5 Overview
  • Year 6 Overview
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We follow the ‘Read, Write, Inc Phonics’ scheme from Foundation Stage to Year 1.

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We follow the Read, Write, Inc Phonics scheme, Oxford Reading Tree Scheme. We use Accelerated Reader from Year 3 – Year 6.

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Glossary of abbreviations

View a Glossary of Educational abbreviations that are commonly used.

Download glossary

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Click here to find out what e-safety actually means and for links to support parents and children on how to keep safe when online.

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Mental Maths Passports

In Y1-Y2, our children have a ‘Number Facts’ Passport. Each week we ask parents to support their children on learning one of the facts found here. Each year group has a shorter time to complete a small assessment to achieve a ‘stamp’ of completion in their Passports.

In Y3 – Y6, our children have ‘Times Tables’ Passports. The children need to learn their times tables up to 12 x 12. Each year group has a shorter time to complete a small test to achieve a ‘stamp’ of completion in their Passports.

The timings for each year group can be found here. NB It is the teacher’s discretion to assess individual needs to change timings to suit.

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Admission Arrangements
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