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Absence and Sickness

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If your child is sick or not coming to school for any reason, the school MUST know on the first day of that absence.
You can either write a note (if you know your child is to be off), telephone the absence line – 0118 9755771 option 4.

If the school is not informed on the day, a phone call is made to the parent asking for the reason for absence. This is part of our Safeguarding Policy to ensure we know where all our pupils are when not at school. Once your child returns, it is preferred that a letter is written to confirm their reason for absence.

If your child is to be late in to school or needs to leave for an appointment they MUST be signed in/out of the premises via the Signing In/Out Sheets in our reception area. Normal school day is 8:50am–3:10pm for Yr 4-6, 8:50am-3:15pm for Yr 1-3 and 8:50am-3:20pm for Foundation Stage pupils.

If you are planning to take your child out of school for a longer period of time, such as a family holiday, there is a form that needs to be completed at least a month in advance. Absence from school for such reasons is not authorised unless in exceptional circumstances and needs to be formally requested to Mrs Morris, Headteacher.

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Common Conditions

Sickness – Is my child too sick for school?

If your child is ill, it’s likely to be due to one of a few minor health conditions.
If your child has a cough or a cold, we still expect your child to be attending school. When dropping off your child, please inform their child’s teacher of your worries. Please be assured, staff will look after your child and will contact parents if they are concerned in anyway. Please do not tell your child to tell an adult and you will come and pick them up.
Remember: if you’re concerned about your child’s health, consult a health professional.
Click on the image to see how best to support your child and their illness:

At times, children do need to be kept off school for certain conditions. Here is a poster explaining how long children are to be kept off school for. Click here

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Tell the school

It’s important to inform the school if your child is going to be absent. On the first day of your child’s illness, telephone the school to tell them that your child will be staying at home (0118 9755771). The school may ask about the nature of the illness and how long you expect the absence to last.

If it becomes clear that your child will be away for longer than expected, phone the school as soon as possible to explain this.

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Admission Arrangements
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