Our Staff

Leadership Team

The following teachers are part of the Leadership Team:

                        Mrs N Morris - Headteacher                       

Mr D Pearman - Deputy Head / Assessment Leader

(Specialist Leader of Education - SLE)

Mrs A Dixon -  Assistant Head /

Teaching & Learning Leader 

Mrs M Attewell - Foundation Leader

(Specialist Leader of Education - SLE)

Mrs K Jewell - Reading Leader

(Specialist Leader of Education - SLE)

Mrs E Duffield - Curriculum Leader

(Specialist Leader of Education - SLE)



  Foundation Stage Teachers

              Phase 1 Teachers             

Phase 2 Teachers

Nursery-Miss K Czornij/Miss E Dellman


      Reception - Mrs M Attewell       


Reception - Mrs S Kidd / Mrs C Clarke


Year 1 - Miss C Hart / Mrs H MacIndoe


Year 1 - Miss N Ali


Year 2 - Mrs T Cairney


Year 2 - Miss R Wallace


Year 3 - Mrs F Monger



Year 3 - Miss L Kelly

Year 4 - Mrs M Purcell


Year 4 - Mrs F Keen / Miss L Doswell


Year 5 - Miss S Ezard


Year 5 - Mrs L Yarrow / Mrs S Beeton


Year 6 - Mrs K Jewell


Year 6 - Mrs E Duffield


Year 6 - Mr D Pearman


Cover Teachers -  Ms C Hamilton, Mrs S Beeton & Mrs C Sheriff (Maternity)



Management Team

The following teachers are part of the Management Team:

Mrs T Cairney - Phase 1 Manager (Y1-3)

Mrs J Morsman - Business Manager

Miss S Ezard - Phase 2 Manager (Y4-6)

Mrs T Clarke - Inclusion Manager (SENCo)


Foundation Key-persons


Mrs N Nowak 

Mrs N Chaudhry


Teaching Assistants

Miss H Aziz (Y4)


Mrs R Bhasin (Y1 & 2)


Mrs M Breadmore (Y3)


Mrs L Butcher (Foundation)


Mrs E Collins (Y2)


Mrs S Currie (Y2)


Miss E Dellman (Y2)


Mrs K Dyson (Y1)


Mrs J Graham (Y6)


Mrs H Hannachi (Y1)

Mrs F Henderson (Y5)


Mrs A Highams (CSI Assistant)


Mrs E Hutchinson (Y6) 

Mrs S Irvin (Foundation)


Mrs S Kelly (Foundation)


Mrs J Millard (Foundation)


Mrs G Murphy (Y4)


Mrs S Nemeth (Y3 & Speech & Language)


Ms L Reece (Y1)


Mrs G Souter (Y6)

 Miss S Wellen (Y4 & Y5)


Mrs C Wilson (Y1 & Foundation)


Mr W Yapp (Y5)


PE Coach

Mr C Hughes

 Office Staff

Mrs D Wyatt - Receptionist


Mrs S Clements & Mrs Z Whitehouse - Tucasi Operators


Mrs K Jacobi - Finance Assistant / Head's PA


Mrs J Morsman - Business Manager


Mrs C Heath - Admissions Officer


Other Key Members

Mrs D Sadiq - Parent Support Liaison

Mrs L Gorringe - IT Technician


Mr K Turner - Site Controller


Mr J Perez - Site Controller's Assistant



Miss K Czornji - SEN Administrator (SENA)


Mr R Burton - Wilderness School


Lunchtime Assistants

Mrs S Coelho - Lunchtime Manager


Ms D Bowden


Mrs L Butcher


Mrs K Dyson


Miss V Edwards



Mrs E Hutchinson


Mrs C Jackson 


Mrs J Millard


Mrs J Turner


Kitchen Staff

Mrs T Roydhouse - School Cook


Mrs M Cook - General Assistant


Ms D Taylor - General Assistant